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I don’t understand at all! I am the Chief Information Officer & Founder of StutteringTech and SINY-RealEstate and Our Consulting services has over 35 years experience, specializing in business technology in the areas of web application development and collaborative computing. We only use leading technologies such as Android, Springs, JSP’s, Servlets, XML, Java, Struts, PHP, LDAP and Web Application Servers. We have a very solid background with Java, OOP, Design-Patterns and Multi-Threading. We also have the able to interface with all levels of management but why is it that firms also try to spend money on products and services that the firms dont need.

JBoss Application Servers is nothing more then Apache Tomcat with some other open source projects, why pay for it? you tell me? Most of the applications that I have seen over the years would run fine in Apache Tomcat so why is everyone spending money on WebSphere or JBoss Application Servers?

Can someone please tell me?