Working with Spring WebFlow and Dojo by Johnathan Mark Smith Johnathan Mark Smith will show you how to make your Spring WebFlow projects look better with Dojo.


Working with Spring and Dojo by Johnathan Mark Smith

In this video Johnathan Mark Smith will show you how to make better Spring WebFlow project just by adding Dojo with Dijit UI Library(widgets). You will see how easy it is to add tooltips and a lot more to any Spring project.

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The source code for this demo is at


Who is Johnathan Mark Smith: I am the Chief Information Officer & Founder of StutteringTech and SINY-RealEstate and Our Consulting services has over 25 years experience, specializing in business technology in the areas of web application development and collaborative computing. We only use leading technologies such as Android, Springs, JSP’s, Servlets, XML, Java, Struts, PHP, LDAP and Web Application Servers. We have a very solid background with Java, OOP, Design-Patterns and Multi-Threading. We also have the able to interface with all levels of management.

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12 April 2013