Over 25 years experience, specializing in business technology in the areas of web application development and collaborative computing I been working as an architect-developer for applications or product development.

I am particularly interested in organizations that use leading technologies such as Android, Springs, Spring-WebFlow, JSP’s, Servlets, XML, Java, Struts, PHP, LDAP, Maven, JUnit and Web Application Servers.

I have a very solid background with Java, OOP, Design-Patterns and Multi-Threading. I am also able to interface with all levels of management!

My consulting services enable businesses maximize value from their business process initiatives and IT investments leading to improved organizational performance. Our services leverage business knowledge, process excellence, technology expertise and substantial domain experience in chosen industry verticals.

My frameworks and accelerators are an integral part of our methodology to deliver consulting services with efficiency and consistency.


Java, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, CSS, Perl, Korn Shell, Visual Basic, COBOL

Standards and Frameworks:

Spring, Spring WebFlow 2, Spring Batch, Spring Data Mongo, Servlets, Hibernate, Maven, JUnit, Struts 1 & 2, AJAX, DOM, Dojo, DHML, XML, J2EE, JSP’s, JSF, JME, JDBC, JSON, JQuery, PHP, SAX, RESTful, Android SDK

Application Servers:

JBoss, Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, JRun


MYSQL, DB2, MongoDB, Oracle, HyperSQL, Microsoft Access, PL/SQL, SQLLite, Sybase

Directory Services:

OpenLDAP, Active Directory, NIS, NIS+


Linux, OS X, AIX, BSD, Window, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solairs, UNIX, MVS, Android 1.5


Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Fireworks, Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, GIMP, Jenkins, MS Office Suite, OpenOffice, Selenium, SpringSoure Tools Suite, WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.1

Version Control:

Git, Subversion, CVS, SourceSafe, PVCS

Web Servers:

IBM HTTP Server, Netscape and Apache