Free Subversion Repository!

Every project that I work on, we will set-up a free Subversion repository so you will have access to your source code 24/7. Thats right you can watch every step of the way as we work on your project. We don’t know of any other firm that would do that!

Free Subversion Repository

  • Your code is hosted on secure and reliable Amazon hosting servers with failover backups
  • Activity stream shows commit logs for your project
  • Commit Alerts – receive a notification any time a commit is made to your project real-time, hourly, or daily. Commit Alerts available via Email, RSS, and Twitter!
  • Simple Web-based team and access management
  • Easily browse code and changesets using our beautiful code browser with syntax-highlighting for most languages
  • Keep your intellectual property safe with private permissioning
  • Build and copy code templates: Now you can have amazing copy-and-go productivity. Configure a template space, or find one in our catalog, and select the “copy” link on your template space. You will get a complete copy of the repository to work on.
  • Encrypted access with HTTPS.
  • Optional daily backups to your own Amazon S3 account.
  • See your web pages as soon as you commit them to the repository with the View as Web Page feature.
  • NEW! – Easily “Fork” an existing project into your own repository, and merge back with the original once you’ve completed your work ( Assembla Exclusive! )
  • Easily Import/Export SVN Dump files in just a few clicks